A Place to Learn and Grow

Visit the Columbus Botanical Garden and let your students “learn naturally” in a fun interactive outdoor setting! The Garden offers both guided and self-guided programs giving your students the opportunity to discover all that nature has to offer!




Have a green time exploring the Joann Holt Walking Trail and gardens! Our self-guided adventure activities are designed to connect children with nature while having a fun outdoor learning experience. Whether you have a curriculum to follow or just want your students to have a fun garden experience, a self-guided activity is a great, interactive way to explore the gardens and trail!

We have complimentary worksheets online. Please print all materials before you visit. For school groups or groups of ten participants or more, please make reservations for self–guided visits at least two weeks in advance through the main office, 706-327-8400.

mother and son in nature

Joann Holt Walking Trail Adventure: Nature Bingo

Nature Bingo is a fun way to get your students or family outdoors and running through the woods! This activity works for teams and individuals of all ages. See who will be the first to find all the items in a row, column or corner to corner – be sure to yell BINGO! Great for teachers or just family fun! Below are four different Nature Bingo sheets. Simply print enough sheets for everyone and mark off the items as you go (use small marks so you can play again). For longer hikes, swap sheets among group members and start again, or try for the full card. Clipboards are recommended. Have fun!

Joann Holt Walking Trail Adventure: Trail Trek Tree Hunt

Hit the trail for some tree-inspired fun with your students or family! Search for acorns and then look for leaves as you learn about two common native tree species growing along the Joann Holt Walking Trail. These activities can be done individually or as teams and are fun for kids of all ages! These activities are best enjoyed April through October while these deciduous trees have their leaves. Print one booklet per participant. Clipboards are recommended. Happy Hunting!

Programs must be booked at least one month in advance.

Garden Adventure:
Pollinators Plus

Discover the beautiful colors and observe pollinators in action at the Columbus Botanical Garden! Follow a pollinator pal as it flies through the Farmhouse Garden and then go on a color hunt in Our Mother’s Rose Garden. Perfect for school groups or families, these exercises are a great way to actively explore the gardens. Have fun following pollinators May through October when they are most active in the Gardens! Print one booklet per participant. Clip boards are recommended. 

CostProgram LengthDays AvailableTimes AvailableMaximum Size
FreeApproximately 60-90 minutesSchedule at Least Two Weeks in AdvanceGarden Hours30




Designed for children ages 0-5 and their caregiver, Little Sprouts not only provides an opportunity to explore and experience the Columbus Botanical Garden but it provides an initial exposure to the elements of the garden through activities that are developmentally appropriate. 


Little Sprouts runs September through May. The program varies each month
and includes books, songs and an age-appropriate craft.

CostProgram LengthDays AvailableTimes AvailableMaximum Size
$5 per family30 minutes1st Tuesday of the Month, September to MayVaries15